• The bike can't fall off the stand during lifting or during transport
  • Bike raised by foot, pulling handlebars or hand lever, seconds to install        

Rotating Bobbin and Triumph Street Triple

Rotating bobbin design (Triumph Street Triple example)

The rotating bobbins are mounted to the swinging arms.
The stand is assembled by sliding the rear bar into each side.

The 2 sides are adjusted to slightly wider than required and tubes on the stand are located over the bobbins.
The 2 sides are reduced in width to clamp onto the bobbins and the width locked by screws at the rear.
The bike is uprighted from the sidestand and is lifted using the right foot, pulling on the handlebars or using the optional handlever. 
The optional hand lever can be used for extra stability once the bike is on the stand.

Triumph Tiger 800 Rotating Bobbins

Rotating bobbin design (Triumph Tiger 800 example)

Easy to dismantle for storage. Custom stands are possible for stands without bobbin holes, please enquire.

Threads available are m6, m8, m10 x 1.5 and m10 x 1.25 (Japanese). Other sizes ask.

Recent Customer comments:

David, Dartford "Just tried it out for the first time. Excellent, really easy to use and worry free"

Neil, Oswestry "The paddock stand has proved to be invaluable when cleaning or maintaining the bike. Quality product at a great price"

Howard "  The bike spent the cold winter months on the stand in perfect safety. Excellent"

Ian "It's the best and easiest paddock stand that I've ever used. A brilliant idea. Thanks again much appreciated "

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